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Settle an arguement: Would Pippen have resigned with the Bulls?

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After the second three-peat, would Pippen have signed a Max contract with the Bulls if it had been offered?

Second, given that Houston was able to trade him one year into the contract, the contract ends next year, and the best free agent that we signed was Brad Miller, does anyone think that perhaps we should have signed him?

p.s. I must admit I am bored waiting for draft day.
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My memory is that the Bulls offered Pip a three year max deal (after the new CBA was in place).

Houston offered a 5 year max deal.

Because the raises are greater when you sign with your current team, the Bulls offer was initially at a higher per season value, but the value of Houston's offer, since it was for 5 years, was considerably higher overall.

So, Pip said that if the Bulls didn't sign and trade him, he would simply sign with Houston.

So, JK signed and traded Pip for CBA balancing bodies, one year of Jeff Sanders, and a second round pick that became Jake Voskuhl.

Since Pip really only had three good years left in him, I'd say that JK did the right thing with the 3 year offer.
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A funny joke from Trueblue.

That's what we need, a little humor.

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