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While I don't agree with much of NY Press' choices, much less political viewpoints, there were some interesting notes about Knick-involved people:

19 James and Charles Dolan

Sports Arena Owners

Talk about dumb and dumber. These guys are stupider than a bag of hammers. Everything they touch turns to garbage, and then they shrug their shoulders and walk away, leaving the City of New York holding their bag of losers. Look what they have done with basketball in this city. Once the jewel of the NBA, the Knicks have descended to become an utter embarrassment. They are truly the laughingstock of the league. It is almost as though the Dolans want to devalue the team. Jim Dolan sails his boats on the Long Island Sound and meanders into New York City to work banking hours. The Garden is a mess and becoming worse daily. Jim Dolan claims he listens to the fans but doesn’t do what they want. Then the other scholar, Charlie Dolan, led his ad team to attack the West Side Stadium. They got fines for their fast moves to stop the Olympics and the Jets from building a stadium and competing. After the Jets lost the stadium and the city lost the Olympics, the Dolans—surprise!—announce grand plans to move the Garden west, territory now available and cheap.

20 Isaiah Thomas

Knicks Manager

Just the look on his face is annoying. This un-manager ruined the CBA. Failed in Toronto. Now he has come to New York and assembled the worst team to ever play in the Garden. Think on that. He took something mediocre and totally ruined it. Basketball is a joke in the Garden. Once the Mecca now the Borscht Belt of basketball. Even the popcorn he makes sucks. Then he gets into a sex-suit problem, and he has his overpaid coach, Larry Brown, and his overpaid point guard, Marbury, ready to kill each other. Thomas, Brown and Marbury all killed the Knicks. Thomas has the power to save them, but he wont because he doesn’t know how. Under his oversight, the team died and he doesn’t look like he will bring them back anytime soon. Isaiah gives Jim Dolan street cred and Dolan gives Thomas money—lots ‘o money to ruin a franchise. Thomas makes trades like a blind man throwing darts at an NBA roster. Then he coddles that spoiled little prince, Step-on-Me Marbury, and allows this child to ruin a team instead of putting him to bed without milk and cookies. The Knicks are done, and so should be Thomas’ reign of incompetence. Thomas has turned Knick fans in to the pre-2005 Red Sox fans.

If it makes anyone feel better, Nets owner Bruce Ratner is number one on their hate list...
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