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Shakur Declares; Won't Hire Agent

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By Bruce Pascoe
Arizona Daily Star
Tucson, Arizona | Published: 04.11.2006

Arizona junior guard Mustafa Shakur is expected to place his name in the 2006 NBA draft pool without jeopardizing his college eligibility.

Coach Lute Olson and several UA assistants said Monday that Shakur would likely test the draft, which athletes can do once during their college careers if they do not hire an agent and pay most of their expenses.

"He's going to announce" it, Olson said. "But he's not going to get an agent.
"The other thing is, it's not a case of if he puts his name out there (he'll leave). There are a lot of people who put their names out there that come back, so I'm not concerned about it."
Arizona will be touring Europe in late May and playing 7 or 8 games there. I was really hoping Shakur would be along for the trip, but this is his future, so you cant be mad at him.

J.P. Prince and Daniel Dillion will now get all the time they can handle at PG on the Euro trip, which is great for Arizona. This is the season Prince should develop into the 5 star PG he was coming out of Memphis and it will start with this Euro trip.

Also, news on Marcus Williams is that if he enters the draft he is in to stay, he will not just test. However, many people believe Marcus will stay for one more season, so he can move up into the lottery next season. As of right now, some scouts have him in the late 1st.

Last but not least, UA was supposed to host Darrell Arthur this coming weekend on an unofficial visit, but that is now up in the air, because Darrell has not confirmed he will be making the trip to Tucson.
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Olson said it is now a "very strong possibility'' that junior point guard Mustafa Shakur will return to UA next fall instead of staying in the NBA draft. UA coaches were previously less optimistic. "I think the word that we're getting back is that it's probably shifted to over 50 percent
That's good to hear, I really hope AZ gets him back. They should be even better with him back next year with Budinger and Marcus. Looking forward to that...

Oh and I read that Arthur committed to Kansas, which is odd considering all the forwards they have. So no Arthur for AZ.
UA will be a beter team with Staf back, if he decides to come back.

Artuhur is a wierd character. He went through just about every school in the nation before deciding on Kansas...

Shakur is now leaning towards coming back...

Point guard Mustafa Shakur appears to be headed back to Arizona for his senior season, according to a source close to the basketball program.

The source said he is "pretty sure" Shakur will be back.

Arizona assistant coach Josh Pastner said his gut feeling is that Shakur is "beginning to lean toward coming back" to school.
He is making the smart and correct decision if he comes back to Arizona.
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