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ShamBulls said:
I also tend to doubt he'll leave. But since it looks like you're stuck with Stackhouse, plus you got Daniels and Howard, and Powell/Marshall if they continue to like them.....:whoknows: it could happen. If it does, I want it to be us who gets in there. As evidenced by certain things this year, he'd be very useful to us.
Sorry to derail your thread, this is my last post - anything else PM me or post in the Mavs forum

I think because Avery has faith in Griffin, he's going to come back. Stackhouse knows his role as a 6th man and numerous times someone has said this team is better with Griffin starting. He's our best defender (surprisingly above Howard) and our "glue man"

Howard can get 34 minutes at SF, give a few to Griffin aswell (with the possibility of KVH leaving). Slowly develop Powell/Marshall by giving them 4-5 minutes. Daniels can play some PG and Stack can be the main backup at SG. The great thing about all 4 swingmen (Daniels, Howard, Griffin & Stack) is that they all offer a completely different, invaluable, package to the roster. Unfortunately Dallas has been one of those teams that has been hit with the injury stick, and hit bad - so we've rarely seen them all play together. In the playoffs, all should be healthy ('cept Van Horn)
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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