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shaq fined

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lol shaq fined for a flagrant foul, @ chicago game.

NEW YORK (AP) - Miami Heat center Shaquille O'Neal was fined $5,000 by the NBA on Monday for a flagrant foul against Chicago's Andres Nocioni.

O'Neal's foul in the second quarter Heat's 85-82 win over the Bulls on Saturday was originally ruled a flagrant foul penalty one, but was upgraded to a flagrant foul penalty two by Stu Jackson, the NBA's vice president of basketball operations.$5000_for_flagrant_foul_on_nocioni/
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Nocioni is trash. All he does is get beat up by Heat players....coughcoughUdoniscoughcoughShaqcoughcough
Isnt that the guy that threw Wade to the floor and almost got beat up by Udonis? :naughty:
yeah i think so lol, looks like he has a bad history with the heat..
yeah, i also posted this story on the Heat/Wolves thread yesterday.

i cant believe that, i saw the replay and i dont think it was intentional by Shaq.
Shaq went for the ball but hit Nocionis head.

Shaq initially was given just a flagarant, but the a$$hole of the vice president of the NBA decide to upgraded to a fine.

freakin` redicoulous :curse:
I thought it was a terrible call on the court. i cant believe someone thoughtit was worse.
yeah, i thought this was absolutely ridiculous. they're probably getting back at him for the bynum incident.
I saw the play and this is as petty a matter as Stu Jackson is as petty a Vice President.
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