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Heat center Shaquille O'Neal said Friday his sprained right ankle is progressing and ''hopefully'' he will be ``be back in a week, two weeks.''

The latter projection would seem more realistic. O'Neal said he resumed jogging two days ago but was limited when he worked out on the Heat's practice court before Friday's game.

''I can't turn,'' he said. ``I can only go straight.''

O'Neal, who said he ''tore a couple of ligaments'' when he sustained the injury Nov. 3 against Indiana, already has missed 10 games. He would miss another seven games if he's out two more weeks.

Asked about his frustration level, O'Neal said Heat president Pat Riley 'told me, `Don't be frustrated.' . . . We're all learning each other. It's unfortunate I'm not [playing], but I just try to be around as much as possible. I try to do a lot verbally and be a leader that way.''

O'Neal, who has put down Dallas center Erick Dampier in the past, passed on an opportunity to do so again when questioned by a Dallas reporter.

''I'm not a serious person at all,'' he said. ``When you hear me say something, don't believe a word of it.''

Asked by the reporter why he previously called Dampier soft, he said, ``It doesn't matter what I think. I'm not that important.''

Also, O'Neal said he has changed his mind about moving and has taken his Star Island home off the market. Until recently, he had been close to purchasing a home in Broward County.
So thats what they say, knowing there guesses it'll prob be another 3-4 weeks...
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