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Notebook: Sherman slows down practice
By Dylan B. Tomlinson

After beating the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday, the Green Bay Packers finally have some much-needed momentum.

On Wednesday, Mike Sherman decided to slow it down a notch.

Instead of their typical Wednesday practice, Sherman held a walk-through at the Don Hutson Center where the players worked out without helmets or pads.

Sherman said the number of injuries and having an extra day this week with the Monday night game prompted the decision.

“Well, one thing obviously, we would be missing some guys because of injury. Also, being the middle of the season right now, we usually have the bye about around this time, and I just felt like it was an opportunity to get our legs back,” Sherman said. “You don’t get many opportunities like this during the course of a season obviously, and it’s kind of halfway through, and I just thought we needed to rest our legs.”

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