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Those were the two guys I had my eyes on before the draft last summer, guys that would make great undrafted free agents. Alan Anderson has great size, scoring ability, range, and defense. Not "great" on NBA terms, but just really solid in a lot of areas.

Basden has good size and great defensive instincts, but just seems so raw and I'd say that Alan Anderson is probably the better athlete, although Basden is the better defender.

I know that this seems like such a moot point, but sometimes I wonder when freaking Hedo Turkoglu is lighting us up if a fresh-legged defensive specialist from the bench would have helped us throughout this season. We always talked about how Tim Thomas was basically a waste of a roster spot, but one could say the same for Eddie Basden.

I still have a ton of hope for the kid, but I'd rather have seen someone contribute from that spot.
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