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Deal with it.

We're not a good team, and unfortunately we will not be able to pull of any of the many NBA Live/ESPN Basketball 2K4 trades that are proposed on this board daily that will make us playoff contenders.

Bill Parcells said it, "you are what you are".

We ARE a bad team.

Do we have a nice core?

Yes I believe we do.

Unfortunately that core is being asked to carry the team with a supporting cast that is being asked to play roles they can't play, and they aren't good enough to help our coure when they're "off".

Think of the Bulls as a movie where you, your buddy, and myself are new actors playing the starring roles, and De Niro, Nicholson, and Denzel just made cameos.

It would be better if it was the other way around, where they carried the movie, and we could play roles that fit us until we got some experience wandcould grow into stars.

JC, Eddy, and TC have star potential, but they've never been in a system where they could play somewhat minor roles, because we need them to contribute just to not even necessarily win, but just be competetive

It's a shame JC and Eddy could have a game like they had last night, but we still lose because really there's no one else out there to help them.

As it is I don't believe our core is the problem, I don't believe trading anyone from our core is the answer unless you're getting someone in return who is going to take their spot in the core, and what are the real odds of that happening?.

The problem is the players around the core.

This season is a wash, we'll get a high draft pick, and who knows we may be able to draft one of those guys you want, but even then I don't expect that guy to be a savior.

I say let the kids play the rest of the year and let them grow...

I rather have them out there and lose to a team by 15, then put in Gill, Pippen, Blount so we can save some face and lose by 10....

Identify our core, JC, Kirk, Eddy, TC, and lets bring in some legitimate bench players...

If anyone on this team needs to be traded, it's not JC, it's AD...

Can we package him to Indiana for Harrington/Johnathan Bender?

If there was an oppurtunity to do a Fizer for Jaric deal, it should have been done immediately, why get greedy and think the Clips would give up Ely too??

I'm going to put my list of free agents that I would be interested in, I'm not sure what any of them would get money wise, I'm just saying any of them would be upgrades...

Eric Williams
Chris Andersen
Rodney White
Rasual Butler
Damon Jones
Hedo Turkoglu

We will continue to be a bad team unless the real problem with the Bulls is taken care of.

The addition of a supporting cast is what is needed, not a subtraction from the core.
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