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Magic Roster:

Lorenzen Wright-C/PF
Rasheed Wallace-PF
Brian Grant-PF
Chris Mills-PF/SF
Eduardo Najera-SF
Bryan Bracey-SF
Jerry Stackhouse-SG
Anthony Peeler-SG
Greg Anthony-PG
Jacque Vaughn-PG
Avery Johnson-PG

Wizards Roster:

Iakovos Tsakalidis-C
Ken Johnson-C
Dirk Nowitzki-PF
Johnathan Bender-PF
Cal Bowdler-PF
DerMarr Johnson-SF
Mike Miller-SF
Voshon Leonard-SG
Hubert Davis-SG
Chauncey Billups-PG
Damon Jones-PG
Kyle Hill-PG

Hawks Roster:

Kelvin Cato-C
Predrag Drobnjak-C
Antwan Jamison-PF/SF
Brian Skinner-PF
Bonzi Wells-SF/SG
Greg Buckner-SF
Terrence Morris-SF
Vince Carter-SG/SF
Micheal Dickerson-SG
Travis Best-PG
Jamal Crawford-PG
Kevin Ollie-PG

Chicago Roster:

Ben Wallace-C
Erik Dampier-C
PJ Brown-PF
Cliff Robinson-PF/SF
Chris Gatling-PF
Morris Peterson-SF
Clarence Weatherspoon-SF
Kobe Bryant-SG
Mitch Richmond-SG
Jeff McInnis-PG
Chris Whitney-PG
Howard Eisley-PG

Pacers Roster:

Greg Ostertag-C
Matt Geiger-C/PF
Tim Duncan-PF
Tom Gugliatta-PF
Adrian Griffin-SF
Ron Mercer-SF/SG
Stacey Augmon-SF
Aaron Mckie-SG
Charles Smith-SG
Charlie Ward-PG
Emanuel Davis-PG
John Crotty-PG

Rockets Roster:

Zydrunas Ilguaskas-C
Vladamir Stepania-C
Scot Pollard-C/PF
Gary Trent-PF
Etan Thomas-PF
Ruben Patterson-SF
James Posey-SF
Allen Iverson-SG/PG
Fred Hoiberg-SG
Tony Delk-SG/PG
Matt Maloney-PG
Anthony Johnson-PG

Spurs Roster:

Dikembe Mutumbo-C
Arvydas Sabonis-C
Derrik Coleman-PF
Corliss Williamson-PF/SF
Micheal Jordan-SF/SG
Scottie Pippen-F/G
Micheal Finley-SG
Dell Curry-SG
Ron Harper-PG
Jason Kidd-PG
Sherman Douglas-PG
Mike James-SG/PG

Clippers Roster:

Chris Mihm-C
Nazr Mohammed-C
Stromile Swift-PF
Troy Murphy-PF
Chris Anderson-PF
Andre Kirilenko-SF
Joe Johnson-SF
Gerald Wallace-SF
Tracy McGrady-SG/SF
Bryant Stith-SG
Tony Parker-PG
Brevin Knight-PG

Lakers Roster:

Brendan Haywood-C
Mengke Bateer-C
Steven Hunter-C
Samaki Walker-PF
Jarron Collins-PF
Othella Harrington-PF
Paul Pierce-SF/SG
Chris Crawford-SF
Quentin Richardson-SF/SG
Trenton Hassell-SG
Troy Hudson-PG
Willie Soloman-PG

Kings Roster:

Horace Grant-C/PF
Ervin Johnson-C
Patrick Ewing-C
Kurt Thomas-PF
Antonio Davis-PF
Keith Van Horn-SF
Bruce Bowen-SF
Cuttino Mobley-SG
Hersey Hawkins-SG
John Stockton-PG
Dana Barros-PG
Mookie Blaylock-PG

There is no trade dead line....I will post free agents in another thread.... Trades must be accepted by both clubs. The rest of the teams are CPU. Thanks, and may the best team win! (First simulation starts tomorrow and I will post stats and standings afterwards)

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Nevermind you guys all suck too lol. Why is Arvedys Sabonis on the Spurs he has retired. Why is Orlanso so stacked


That's a killer S combo

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I am the Hawks here is what I want my depth chart to be-top 3 offensive players..etc

C-Kelvin Cato/ Predrag Drobnjak
PF-Antwan Jamison/ Brian Skinner
SF-Bonzi Wells / Greg Buckner/ Terrence Morris
SG-Vince Carter/ Micheal Dickerson
PG-Travis Best/ Jamal Crawford/ Kevin Ollie-

My top three offensive options are

I want my offense to be balanced.

I am looking to trade for a big man-everyone is available

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heres how i want my new depth chart

pg-charlie ward bench-blaylock, davis

sg-aaron mckie bench-charles smith

sf- keith van horn bench-augmon,griffin

pf-antonio davis bench-gugliatta

c-patrick ewing bench- geiger

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King's Starters And Bench


C- Tim Duncan
PF-Kurt Thomas
SF-Bruce Bowen
SG-Cuttino Mobley
PG-John Stockton


C-/ Horace Grant
PF-Greg Ostertag
SF-Ron Mercer/-Bruce Bowen
PG-Dana Barros/Hersey Hawkins

I.R.-John Crotty
Still looking for Sgs and Pgs.

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Jay Will, I have Paul Pierce and Troy Hudson, both of who I hate. Do you want to trade for them?!

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I will trade you Paul Pierce and Jarron Collins for Antonio Davis and Keith Van Horn and Charles Smith.

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WIZARDS starting lineup

Chauncy Billups PG
Hubert Davis SG
Mike Miller SF
Dirk Nowitzki PF
Jake Tsakolidas C

Vashon Lenard G
Kyle Hill G
Damon Jones G
DeMarr Johnson F
Cal Bowlder F
Jonathen Bender F
Ken Johnson C

My top three offensive options are
1.Dirk Nowitzki
2.Mike Miller
3.Chauncy Billups

I want my offense to be balanced

how the hell did Magic get Shaq Stack and Rasheed???
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