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The 76ers endured a brutal week shooting the ball.

Starting with their victory over the Los Angeles Lakers on March 27, they shot only 40.1 percent from the field over four games and under 40 percent in three of them in the week that ended Saturday.

They shot 37.8 percent in a 17-point loss to Dallas on Friday night.

"We've got to start making a couple of shots," coach Jim O'Brien said after that game. "Lester Conner [the associate head coach] keeps our offensive chart. Red is a bad look, black is a make, and green is a good look that is missed. We had a lot of green on there tonight."

Chris Webber did not play against the Mavericks because of a shoulder injury, but he had shot only 20 for 61 (32.8 percent) in the previous three games. Kyle Korver (9 for 27) and Rodney Rogers (8 for 24) shot 33.3 percent for the week, with Korver going just 6 for 20 from three-point range.

Allen Iverson, who started the week with a 5-for-28 clunker against the Lakers, wound up shooting 36.1 percent for the week, going 38 for 105.
Whenever i see Rodney shooting i never expect it to go in.
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