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Skip to my Lou

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Is he on anyone's summer league roster? I haven't heard anything about him, and he's an UFA.

He hasn't really proved anything at all yet, but he could be one of the most exciting players in the league.

In my opinion, I think a team like Denver would be a perfect fit for him. They don't have any good PGs, and they'll probably finish with an awful record this year. A player like Rafer can at least keep some fans in the seats while they rebuild... and if he ever becomes a solid pointguard, that's just a bonus.
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New Jersey would be good because he would have zero pressure backing up Kidd and he has some guys on that team that can run with him(Martin, Kittles, Jefferson). I think his best chance at minutes is in Golden Stae and Denver. Hell, he could be a star in Denver. I wouldn't be mad if he was a Laker or a Clipper..I just can't see Phil Jackson putting up with a single skip......
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