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A reporter visiting from Denver wrote last week that Jazz coach Jerry Sloan "acknowledged an uncertainty about returning next season," and "it is possible an era soon will end."
From there, the talk made its way to the Internet, where one Web site teased with the twisted line, "Jazz coach Jerry Sloan retiring?" and another topped its rumor column with mention of the matter.
By Sunday, recycled versions of what was written in Colorado — not even the lead item there in a column of notes, by the way — appeared in various newspapers around the country, including at least one in the rumor-craving New York market.
It's all news to the 17-season Jazz coach. Or, rather, it is no news whatsoever.
Because, as anyone who spends more than a passing night in Utah would know, hearing Sloan say there is "always a chance" he won't be back for another season is as tired as one-liners about John Stockton's short shorts, and Karl Malone's seat in the cab of an 18-wheeler.
He's only said it a few dozen other times this season and probably a hundred or so times over the course of the last decade.
"There's nothing any different," Sloan said Monday, "than what it's always been at this stage of the year."
The season is winding down. Ten games remain for the Jazz, including tonight's vs. Portland at the Delta Center. When it is done, the 63-year-old coach — just like he has so often in the past — will take some time to decide if he wants to return for yet another go-round.
Last year, he let his intentions be known two days after the Jazz played their final game. In other years, he's taken a week or two.
This year, Sloan said, "I'm going take a little bit more time this time, probably — because I need to."
Winning just 22 of 72 games so far, after all, has been taxing.,1249,600123805,00.html

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he'd better not, I like him alot, and hope that he gets a title soon.
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