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So not cool

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What your Jersey team is doing is great. The way they are going about it, is pathetic. The sheer fact that they said that they should be playing in Madison Square Garden is an insult to NJ fans. Saying they should be in NY, is also an insult, yet you still cheer them on, much like Sac fans kissed Webber's butt after he treated them poorly...the sheer fact that your team stated they are the real NY team is sad, as well. I mean, the Knicks have been a title contender for years and years and have owned the Nets for decades on end. You have one winning season and your entire organization toots their own horn, talks smack, and has this cocky attitude like they are all playoff veterans...they aren't. I think you guys realize that, especially when you see thousands of empty seats during a conference finals game. You actually have a banner in your lame arena, (this is so funny I thought) which states that there was once a sellout. That got me laughing. I mean, there has not been a non-sellout game at MSG in about ten years. Your PA makes me laugh as well, his corniness to the away team is so non-professional and non-New Yorkish.

In NY, things are different, and I vow that when the Knicks are back, you won't hear the end of it from me just like I haven't heard the end of it from Jersey fans all over the area this season. Another thing, what's with the mascot? I always thought New Jersey was somewhat less cool than NY, but I never realized you guys were that far down. In sports, in the tri-state area, there will be the Mets/Jets/Nets fan, and then the better of the two: Yanks/Giant/Knicks, but hey, root for whoever you wanna…
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I hate the stupid Nets too
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when did the nets say that they should be in ny? i know they're moving to newark, nj but i don't ever recall hearing them say they should be in new york.
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knickquelz, I couldn't agree with you more, buddy, :yes: !...Everything you said I agree with...they have one winning season out of 10, and they gloat about it and everything, and it's all b/c of Kidd, and the "role players", if you want to call them that, :laugh: , think that they contribute. Well, they do, but it's all b/c of Kidd. He does everything for them. I wouldn't hate the Nets if they didn't get so much damn attention...I mean, come on, they're on the back of the NY papers now...You're right, man, we will be back next year...we're not done!:) Yankees and Knicks, the "real" NY teams.
so i am really mad about this situatin for the nets to say they belong to play in madison square garden is a disgrace they are gonna lose 2 straight to boston and never hear from them again my cuzin lives in nj and he sweats them they suck the knicks have one bad season wow the nets have one bad season every year the knicks will be back next year and win a championship the knicks should own continental arena or should it be called knicks arena because all the nets fans are knick fans who are afraid to show it but watch i swear all u nets fan last year and all the years before that were cheering for the knicks sweating them no you all like *** EDITED *** the knicks they suck we'll wup em anytime but it doesnt matter because the nets suck and the knicks will always be there u know kidd was dying to go to ny but ******* layden *** EDITED *** it up wat are they waiting for they need baron davis his contract expired already he is a young 22 year old who will bring action to the arena and im not so sure he wants to go to new orleans i think he is dying to go to ny and be a knick the knicks point guards are like 35 and above their dumb signing mark jackson to a 3 year contract and starting and a age of like wat 40 let him retire nobody else wants him except for equipment manager, (not even) I think the needs need a young and sensational point guard like baron davis who can dunk and i mean dunk he can really get to the free throw line but avoids contact because he is scared of the line but once he improves his free throw shot he will be the best point in the league and ny needs him!!!!
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WHAT??? for one, i always hated the knicks. and i think that people from nj who sweat the knicks need to be in ny because do you really think the knicks care about their fans in nj??? if jason kidd wanted to be in ny, he'd be there. he obviously doesn't mind being in nj. otherwise, he would have not bothered to get this team to where they are! you people just can't accept the fact that new york is going down and new jersey is rising! keep on hating. it won't make the knicks good. :laugh:
what do you think bizzrip whatever ur name is watever do you think 2 or 3 years from now when jason kidds contract expires do you think he will want to stay in nj first of all even if they make it to the finals after the lakerrs beat the kings 2 straight in the next 2 games. The lakers will face them. So I really want the nets to kind of make it becaus they talk to much crap that their the team to beat once they face the lakers and get dominated 4-0 sweep their never gonna be the same again. Plus shaq will step all over maculloch watever his name is. And the lakers will dominate them hahhahaha the lakers will will dominate them come on if they can beat the kings which they will what makes u think the nets will beat them. but i dont want the nets to go because paul pierce and walker and the celticsdeserve to be their more their kind of more like kobe and shaq. and it should be fun seeing the old rivalry celtics and lakers because they deserve to be their especially the lakers they have only 2 players that have been carying them they have no one to come out and match their play dat is why they have to play 48 minutes each for them to even have a chance. so anyway i am a knicks fan cause im from ny but i luv the lakers big up to la
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1.) kidd will stay in nj. you'll see.

2.) NBA finals - nets vs. kings
no listen ripsta

*** EDITED ***

nba finals


do you think for one second o'neal and kobe will give up well ur wrong the kings will be relaxed and will be blowned out and they will go to game 7 and say damn when is the game starting.

new jersey will know what hit them but it wont help them
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watever no u didnt talk about bryand and my lakers tomooroow none of the teams clinch and lakers and celtics win game seven hahah away too hahah!!!! their fans are gonna cry [email protected]@:cry: :cry:
lakers1 said:
tomooroow none of the teams clinch and lakers and celtics win game seven hahah away too hahah!!!! their fans are gonna cry wahhhh
weren't the celts supposed to win? weren't nets fans supposed to cry? oh wait, we are crying - tears of happiness!!! :p
yes u gotta hand it to the nets but the lakers won and honestly if they are gonna win the kings have got to win \and they wont kings-nets who's gonna watch that. lakers-nets yes thats more like it and the lakers will sweep them . previously in the season they won 2 out of 3 and the 3rd game shaq didnt play because of the brad miller incident and they only one cause kobe missed a free throw and they didnt raise their level when they raise their level im sorry,. and they are gonna blow out the kings game seven.
wait, did you say that the lakers beat the nets 2 out of 3 games during the regular season? that's wrong. they only played each other twice in the regular season. nets won in jersey and the lakers won in l.a.

i think people would watch the nets versus the kings. the kidd-bibby matchup would be really interesting. and everyone was saying earlier that no one would watch the nets vs. lakers. everyone wanted to see the celtics vs. lakers. so, now suddenly everyone wants to see the nets vs. the lakers???

and i wouldn't be so sure about the lakers sweeping the nets in the finals (that is, if they make it). let's not forget how much the nets have been surprising everyone this season.
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