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Just some thoughts I had... comment/critique/etc if you want.

Richard Jefferson: Thank you for not making me look foolish when I went out on a limb and said you'd lead the team in scoring this year. 13ppg on 55% shooting is very good for a second-year player, preseason or not. I wish I was able to go to preseason games, so I could see him hit jumpers (since from everything I've read, he's doing that much better now).

Kerry Kittles: Blistering shooting from the field, 58% total and an unrealistic 64% from 3). I see no reason why he won't have an even better season than last year, as now he doesn't have any rust anymore, and his legs are going to be stronger this time around, with a full season under his belt after surgery. He's a perfect complimentary player for this team: running, defending, and a great (yet somehow always underrated, and never hyped) outside shot.

Rodney Rogers: Fat or not, he can shoot. I can't imagine many players in the league having a better overall shooting preseason than him, 56% from the field, 53% from 3, and 91% from the freethrow line. He's exactly what we need on this team: a great shooter to bring off of the bench, that won't complain that he's not starting.

Kenyon Martin: He's rebounding (if you adjust it to the 35mpg he's going to get in the regular season, he'd be pulling down 8.5 a game) like I knew he would. Whether or not he puts up his 18-10 like he predicted, I think this is going to be, by far, his best all around season. Does anyone else think that it's not coincidence that our only bad preseason performance was the one that KMart sat out of? He brings so much toughness, and a teriffic defensive prescence (does anyone, ever, HONESTLY believe that Van Horn would EVER play like he did against the Nets during the preseason if KMart was there to guard him?), and I'd be shocked if his offensive game wasn't more consistant this year.

Jason Kidd: He's Jason Kidd.

Aaron Williams: I think he's going to easily have lowest total of minutes since he joined the Nets... and hopefully he doesn't complain about it. But he's such a tough player when he's in the game, and an incredible guy to bring off of the bench to backup Kenyon (when there's a good offensive-PF in the game... I think that Rodney Rogers will get minutes at PF if there isn't one), or play center (when there's a quick and undersized center).

Lucious: I don't think there are that many better backup SGs. He's such a smart team player, and doesn't do a bad job when he's playing backup point (except for his inability to push the ball to the fastbreak).

Twin: Supposedly got leaner, stronger, and quicker this offseason. Statistically, I don't think he'll be better at all this year, but I think he's going to continue to become a much better player. I never saw such a huge difference from the beginning of the season to the end (vs. Shaq) as I saw in Collins last year.

Mutumbo: He's rebounding and blocking shots just like we wanted him to, and from everything I read he's changing A LOT of shots as well. I think he will be very successful this year, even if only for the reason that he'll play much less minutes this year (because of our depth at C) making him fresher.

Tamar Slay: I tabbed him as the steal of the draft way before the Nets even picked him. Tall, lighning quick, a very good shooter (even though he didn't show 3-point range in the preseason), and very willing to be a team player (which was in fact a major criticism of his at college... he didn't take over games, because he was too much of a team player). He's also adjusting very well, and turning into a solid defensive player.

Anthony Johnson: Welcome back. Please try to push the ball better this year?
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