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I don't have Insider... you don't have to POST Insider, just tell us what the rumor is. Stackhouse to the T-Wolves, Wally World to the Knicks, and Sprewell to the Pistons? Great deal for Detroit (the time to get something for Jerry Stackhouse, who will NEVER be great, who will NEVER be any better than he is right now, and who is historically a very selfish player, last season was probably an aberration)--okay deal for New York (Wally World doesn't deserve the max, but the Knicks need to shake things up, which means trading Sprewell)--bad deal for Minnesota (sure, Wally World doesn't deserve the max, but Stackhouse is overpaid, too, and is a terrible shooter, although maybe KG will mesh better with Stackhouse than he did with Wally).

Is there more to this deal? Surely to god?
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