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Someone Please Recap the Game for Me ...

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In particular, how did Krstic look?

I went to Yankee Doodles to catch the game (West Coast) and there I am ready for the entire match. Problem was, I couldn't watch much of it.

The guy sitting next to me was a sports commentator* that had his own cable show, a current talk show and now is looking to have a regular network show on Fox.

He is known for his prosnostication. In fact, that's his big rep.

Well, we hit it off. Unfortunately, there wasn't much quiet time to watch the game.

He thinks NJN'll go out in the first round. I said, we'll see about that.

At least we had some good laughs. He's a well-rounded sports fan originally from Boston.

Nets' fans'd be interested to know that he was offered the opportunity to interview RJ, but didn't bite. I told him to reconsider next time. This guy cultivates an A-List for players he interviews and he wasn't up on RJ cuz he's situated on the West Coast. Shameful.

*He's hot on Josh Boone. I'm okay with Boone as a late first or early second round role player, but I'm more partial to Tyrus Thomas. He wasn't too up on Thomas. So I told him to keep his eye on LSU. Thomas is no secret though. Apparently, Larry Brown has fallen for him. Here's the link to ESPN home where if you look under INTEL REPORT 3.24, you'll see:

"If the Knicks had the first pick -- which they don't -- Larry Brown like LSU's Tyrus Thomas."

If you're an ESPN insider, you can read the article.
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