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Something Needs To Happen!!!!

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Sixer fans...will yall be as angry as me if we dont do anything tommorow night? The only way I want to keep the pick is if Woods slips all the way to 16. I think BK has something up his sleave, and if we get rid of Mutombo then I consider this a succesfull offseason.
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most likely........

bringing him back isn't a great idea, but with our team having no young talent other then Dalembert, we need someone who can make an impact. I think a WEstern confrence team, that is old and feels that they have one last shot at taking a tiltle form the lakers would give up a decent young player for mutmbo, and thats what i want.
yeah but.....

who sais that AI and Hughes would work now , even though they didnt before. I really do like that trade because Fortson would be a good fit but I am not sure that the lineup u showed would be ideal.
we darfted,

because Brown felt that he had more upside at the point guard postition then Paul Pierce did at the small forward. Welllllllllllllll we can learn from our mistakes, and i think this years Paul Pierce is defintely Caron Butler, he has actually proven that he can play unlike some other guys like Tskitishvilli, Hilario, and Woods, we know that they have upside but we haven't seen them play.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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