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Something to take notice of.

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ever since the grizzlie game(on march 1st) in which Dolan, zeke and brown had their little pow wow, there has been a chancge in one significant basketball philosophy.

the offense is not inside-out anymore , the ball still gets to curry but he has been relieved of many of his decision making responsibilities and some of his #s have shown he and ultimately the knicks are better off.

stats for march

14.9 points .647 fg% 6.4 reb. 0.6 blocks . 604 ft% 26.6 minutes a game 1.7 turnovers

in march eddy curry has had 6 games in which he hasn't turned the ball over....which didn't happen once all season before march, i think LB has finally gotten that curry just isn't ready to be the hub of the offense but he can be incredible as a finisher only...hopefully this continues.
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Good post Grinch, I think he has slowly showed us something to look forward too next season. I still want his rebounding numbers to rise up a bit. He is too big to be allergic to rebounds. If only LB can do something with this dreaded back court.

Edit-You think we should try to make a deal for a defensive minded PF to start alongside Curry and just bring our precious Frye off the bench?

Side Note: I also notice your favorite GM in the whole wide world Zeke has been MIA. Too embarrased to go on sports talk radio shows?
i've come to the conclusion that either frye should either get another season to prove he can make it work with curry who is easily the keeper out of the duo, or zeke should cash in his chips and trade frye to the bulls for the knicks pick back and then pick aldridge.

it works out for both teams the knicks basically get to exchange last year's 8th pick for a better talent and a guy who better fits the team ...and the bulls get a post player who can score and is big enough to play big minutes also the bulls are a team that works hard to get open jumpshots something that frye is great at doing. the last thing the bulls really need is a guy who plays like tyson chandler, they need a scorer.

aldridge is at this point in his life a finisher around the rim who can board and block shots ...soon he should be able to score but the level of his scoring ability is hard to determine at this point.

answer to side note . thomas should be scouting right now , its what most GM's are up to in final 4 weekend. he still has 2 1st rounders to use.
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kitty, i have been thinking alot about the big man the knicks really need, if its not aldridge or tyrus thomas...or even tiago splitter through the draft i think they have alot of avenues available to them this offseason.

kmart is definitely a guy they can steal, den. was basically willing to swap francis for martin until they decided last min. they didn't want so much salary when they still have to sign melo for the max.

the knicks could probably get martin and nene from them for jalen , and some youth , kenyon for sure, nene will almost certainly be a byc player so a deal for him will have some issues.

ratliff is still a brown fav. although i think they can do better. any big salary on the roster can probably get him.

if they can swing a deal for garnett, i think they are the team who has the most to offer as far as in talent to send back and youth plus they can relieve the wolves of excess salary, but i think the wolves are more likely to trade and get some extra talent around garnett for one last try to appease him. in which case either francis or marbury would be sent away and the knicks would be in a position to shore up their defense with guys like hassell and jaric.
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Da Grinch said:
the knicks could probably get martin and nene from them for jalen , and some youth , kenyon for sure, nene will almost certainly be a byc player so a deal for him will have some issues.
they should just let jalen come off the books, unless we package him in a garnett deal or miles deal, I'd like to see us get some real gains in return.
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