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What will the SW Division look like in 3 seasons?

Dallas - Dirk will likely be on the verge of retirement at this point. Will Dallas have put together a contending core that can outlast him?

San Antonio - I can't see any way Tim Duncan signs another 3 year deal at the end of that season, he'll be on his final legs. They've got the same question mark as Dallas. Manu and Tony may be younger and better than Dirk's compatriots of this past year, but they're still getting long in the tooth.

Memphis - Does Randolph age well? Marc Gasol will be 30, likely still competitive - he's put in premium work levels to get his body into condition and that can be a huge advantage into post-prime years. Where will the core around him stand?

Houston - Their ZOMG LOADS of assets could either bring them a one year rental followed by a rebuild, or be the kickstart they need to really rebuild. Or they'll keep treading the waters of mediocrity. They could be a total disaster, a promising rebuild, or a middling squad - probably the most possibilities of any squad in the division.

New Orleans - This is the team I was thinking of when I started this post. Anthony Davis inside, Ryan Anderson outside, Austin Rivers slashing, Eric Gordon shooting... If they match Phoenix and tell Gordon to suck it up and grow with them, could they be the powerhouse in a division long dominated by the Texas three?


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I am worried about asking Davis to play the C position straight away it might inhibit his growth as a player.

New Orleans need a legit centre for hire for 2 years they also have one too many shooting PFs(Smith and Anderson).
They need someone who can bang inside.

Gordon is a good piece despite his size and lack of wanting to be in N.O. He is a good defender and spreads the floor. Letting Davis be the man.

I am not sold on Rivers the PG. If he shows himself to be a PG then N.O are really looking good.
But a lot relies on how those two develop.

Spurs and Dallas both just need a legit C to be competitive in 3 years time.

Grizzlies should be fine with Gasol and Gay.
Rockets need a star to try build around desperately.

Bynum Howard I don't care get it done.

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NO should have tried to keep The Caveman. But now hes the best FA center left on the market and will be gone for sure.

Anderson at the 4 and a rookie Davis at the 5? That front court will get eaten alive.
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