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With Jrue Holiday out of the picture, new Sixers head coach Brett Brown is forced to have this type of reaction to Spencer Hawes sustaining a twisted knee during today’s training camp practice.

“Any time one of your better players goes down, it puts water on a practice from a coach’s point of view,” Brown said. “The players are looking around and Spencer is going to be fine. … But then the gym got going and Tony Wroten resurrected the gym and there was a spark because of him.”

One of your better players. Spencer Hawes. Let that sink in.

All I can say is this isn’t going to be a fun Sixers season, but if they are able to land the number one or two pick and draft either Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker it will all be worth it. And hey, we still have Kwame Brown to lean on this season right? Right?
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