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NEW YORK, April 4, 2005 -- Particularly at playoff time, brash-and-bold Reggie Miller was the No.1 Knicks nemesis throughout the years. Who could forget his 25-point fourth quarter in 1994? His eight-point explosion in the last 8.9 seconds that erased a six-point Knicks advantage the next year? How about the 34-point series clincher in 2000 -- or the choke sign he delivered to accompany most of the above?

All of which doesn’t mean that when the great Indiana guard plays his last game at the Garden on Tuesday night, Knicks super-fan -- and longtime Reggie nemesis -- Spike Lee will boo. Whether it’s nostalgia brought on by retirement -- or respect earned through many great performances -- he will applaud. “I can’t speak for all the fans,” the famed film-director says. “But yes, I will give him credit. He is a great clutch player who killed us in all those games. All those shots were right here, right in front of me, too.” “Our ‘feud’ was always about basketball anyway,” added Lee. “It was never anything personal.”

To prove that, Lee even expressed a wish about the Knicks perhaps inking Reggie when they had the chance. “We signed Allan Houston that year,” says Lee. “They played the same position and were free agents at the same time, as I recall. I would have been happy with either choice.”

Before one playoff game in Indianapolis, Lee made a bet with Miller: if the Knicks win, Reggie must go with him to visit Mike Tyson in prison. “John Starks went crazy,” recalls Lee. “We won -- and Reggie kept his word.”

“It wasn’t just that Reggie would beat us – it was the WAY he beat us,” smiles Spike. “Those treys… I remember one game we all thought the game was over – Greg Anthony was blowing kisses to his wife in the stands. Then Reggie would apply the dagger.”

“Anyway I also won’t boo him because he likes to be booed,” says Lee. “He likes to be the bad guy, especially here at the Garden. Check it out: he plays better on the road, especially at playoff-time.”
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