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We ain't last, but damn close to it.

I think it's a pretty lame *** polling set-up myself.

They have Portland last in fan relations, and player rankings. And damn near close to the bottom in affordability (even tho our tickets aren't the most expensive, I guess they include "bang for your buck" with that..which is BS ) and towards the bottom in "Owner rankings" (which again, despite Paul Allens faults, he's one of the better owners there is)...and they have the ranking of the stadium towards the bottom.

you might notice that the teams that HAVE treated their fans like crap, or have sucked for a long time (or don't have to live up to some weird idealogy that blazer fans think they're entitled too) rank higher.

Thats right, the Seahawks, who's owned by the same guy, has an Owners ranking of 36.

I guess Paul Allen being in Portland for most of the games, willing to spend millions on the team, trying to get a cable system for the team (basically) mean nothing because he is more loyal to the Seahawks.

and that, in a nutshell, is why this poll is meaningless.
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