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Mark Cuban understands that he holds the cards here. The Knicks are desperate for a PG, the Knicks have nothing all that great to offer for Nick Van Exel, and Scott Layden is an idiot. If you're Mark Cuban, the longer you wait, the more you're going to get from New York. Maybe Latrell Sprewell AND Kurt Thomas!

BOTTOM LINE: The Knicks are looking at either Charlie Ward or Howard Eisley as their starting PG at the moment. Frank Williams just flat out isn't ready to play major minutes in the NBA. So what are the Knicks' options right now?

1 Start Ward
2 Start Eisley
3 Trade for Nick Van Exel
4 Trade for Damon Stoudamire
5 Trade for Bobby Sura
6 Sign Rod Strickland

It's pretty obvious that trading for Van Exel is BY FAR the BEST option there, don't you think? BY FAR. And Mark Cuban knows it. Mark Cuban is an incredibly smart mother scratcher, and Scott Layden is an incredibly dumb mother scratcher.

Mark Cuban ALSO knows that the Knicks are desperate for a starting center. Scott Layden loves players with Utah ties. Guess where Shawn Bradley went to college? [Brigham Young, for the tiny minority of people out there who don't know.]

Here's the trade that Mark Cuban is holding out for:

Latrell Sprewell, Kurt Thomas, and Shandon Anderson to the Mavs; Nick Van Exel, Shawn Bradley, and Tariq Abdul-Wahad to the Knicks

HA! Talk about a lop-sided trade! But what else can the Knicks do? Knicks fans, prepare for the worst!
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