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I keep seeing guys post their favorite/predicted starting lineups for the Bulls as if Rose was going to be the starting SF. I think that's totally wrong, and the starting lineup won't look so impressive, on paper:

Rose & Hassel at G
Curry at C
ERob at SF
Chandler at PF

The Bulls are looking at bringing in another SF, like Lewis or Harpring. Either of those guys will take ERob's place, or at least compete for the SF job.

My thinking is:

1) The Tribune has said repeatedly that Rose is gonna play guard.

2) The Bulls are paying ERob a lot of bucks, and I think they'll give him the chance to prove Krause didn't make a bad move.

3) JWil is going to be fine, but will work his way into the lineup later in the season.

4) How can they not play Hassel if they want any 'D' at all?

5) The team's entire future is bet heavily on EC and TC.

Some other ramblings:

1) Fizer is one dimensional, but a reliable scorer. I don't even think he looks athletic while playing, but his shots somehow go in.

2) JCraw will add instant offense off the bench. He's a LOT better than guys on the championship Bulls' bench (like Kerr).

3) If you think JCraw and JWil make a good tandem (which I think they would play fine together), then JWil and Rose is even better!

4) The team badly needs another C. If (heaven forbid!) Curry gets hurt or doesn't play well, they could use a veteran presence who can rebound and score. Maybe they'll need a defensive minded C, anyhow.

5) Hassel is erratic on O. He's going to start because of his D and other factors (rebounding).

6) I sure would like to see both Mason and Baxter not only make the roster but turn into big contributors.
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