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stephen a. ragging on darko

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seems the mouth that roared isnt too impressed with darko's play in orlando, needs to do more.....granted his numbers are fairly modest but he's shooting over 50% and since the trade is right up there with the top shotblockers in the league. i think you have to take it in the context of where the kid is coming from. if you listened to the so called experts the kid was the biggest bust ever. when i listen to dopes likes smith and al rosen i have to laugh at what they are parading out there these days as media types.
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i think he's doing great considering what the first two and a half seasons were like for him.

i'm impressed that he looks like he belongs, and i hope to see more success from him in the future.

i'm converted.
If you can't see how much potential he has, you're retarded.
Take anything SAS says about a white guy with a cup of salt, he's without a doubt one of the most racist people on television.
nwt said:
thats tells it all
Have people ever respected Steven A Smith? He is annoying in every sense of the word. He has never played basketball in his life. There is a reason his show has low *** ratings.

It is easy to rag on Darko if you haven't actually watched him play. His numbers look modest but his impact has been better than the numbers.
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