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Ok, the Nets are trying to have Jefferson learn how to play the 2... and we all figured it would be so he could have more minutes as a backup:

but what if the Kevin Garnett trade is still a possibility?

Sure, I dismissed it once I stopped hearing about it for a while, but maybe it's still on, and here's 3 reasons why:

1) We all know that doing the Kittles/Keith/Kenyon for KG trade would leave a hole at SG, and we'd have to find a new one... is that why Jefferson is learning the 2, and Rod Thorn met with Devean George yesterday? (ok, from what I read, it was George who called up said he wanted to play for the Nets, and asked what the possibilities of it were... but if they weren't goign to make a trade, why waste the time when he wouldn't have a defined spot on the team? What would he be? 3rd string SF?)

2) Garnett went on record saying his team (along with management and coaches) never showed up with him... and that's never a good thing to do. When asked if his constant play of 20-10-5 will ever get him past the first round, he responded:

"We'll get out of the first round when everybody does their part. Players, coaches, management, everybody. I can't do everything by myself. It'll get us past the first round if m-----------s do their part"

Also in the interview, he said that he felt he was actually underpaid (when asked if he thought he was overpaid)... so obviously, when he's a FA, he's going to expect a ridiculously huge contract. Maybe Minnesota can't pay him that... but the YankeeNet organization sure can.

(the full article is at

3) Minnesota lost arguably their 3rd best player/scorer when Billups signed with Boston. Their looking into signing George as well, but when has Minnesota been the first choice for anyone not named Joe Smith? Does losing Billups mean that they might be a little bit more likely to pull a 3 for 1 trade?

Just some thoughts.
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