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Still hope for a hopeless situation?

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Playoff dream not over yet

Kobe Bryant missed a last-second 3 and the Los Angeles Lakers lost 96-95 to the Cleveland Cavaliers, blowing an 18-point lead.

There was more good news to come. The Sacramento Kings fell to the Minnesota Timberwolves. The Utah Jazz lost to the Memphis Grizzlies in overtime.

The Warriors made it a good news four-for-four, beating the Philadelphia 76ers 98-89.

They gained ground on three teams in the Western Conference playoff race. They pulled to within 4 1/2 games of the Lakers and Kings, who are tied for the final two playoff spots.
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This Will Bynum is a good player he will help us. He averaged around 24.0 pts per game (in the D-League). I have a hope that will will make the playoffs. I have a feeling that the Lakers and Kings will finally start to get on a losing streak.
Hope? For me it's now just one-game-at-a-time. I want to see more wins, that's all.
Don't get your hopes up, WF64. It's highly unlikely. I don't see the Kings dropping any time soon...the Lakers will probably stay within a game or two from .500 for a while.

Should the Warriors get within 2 games of whoever's 8th place at that time, then we'll talk.

In any case, Dun's stepping up way too late as usual, but it's great to see someone stepping into that role to relieve pressure off of J-Rich.
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