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Mike B's mom has been visiting lately telling us Charlotte is still his number 1 school and that's where his heart is. We'll see, but here is an interesting article that just came out a few minutes ago from

6:28 pm | Mom: Beasley's 49er commitment 'firm'
[email protected]
High school star Michael Beasley's verbal commitment to the Charlotte 49ers men's basketball program "remains firm," his mother Fatima Smith said in a telephone interview with The Observer on Wednesday.

Beasley, expected to be ranked among the top college prospects in the 2007 class, made a verbal commitment to Charlotte when he was 15, in part because of his relationship with former Charlotte assistant coach Dalonte Hill.

When Hill resigned last month to take a similar position at Kansas State with new coach Bob Huggins, several college recruiting analysts assumed Beasley would follow Hill.

Not so fast, his mother says.

"Michael says right now, `I don't want to de-commit. It feels like they have kicked me out.' And I told him, `No, Michael. No one has kicked you out,' " Smith said.

"If Charlotte throws in the towel because Dalonte left, to me that says to me, `Do they really honestly deserve him?' I think Charlotte should recruit him, keep being there for him.

"Michael loves that school. Don't turn your back on him. He's had enough doors shut in his face during his short little life. He doesn't need this one shut, too.

"This is a big part of his life."

Beasley, a 6-foot-10, 225-pound forward, plays for Oak Hill (Va.) Academy, which finished 40-1 this season.
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