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SetShotWilly said:
Its funny ever since Pippen called KG overrated - everyone is using that term now. Some people are influenced by media too easily.

Anyways, i think the team will do well enough this season for the organization to not make drastic changes in the offseason. Chemistry takes time to create. and i don't they would want to mess the big 4. But if they do bad...i can see Thorn making a move. Not sure KG would want out of Minny though
I've always thought he was... People were using the term "overrated" before Pippen said it.

To tell you the truth I think even giving up Krstic would be too much for KG. He'll get KG type #'s in a few years at a cheaper price. Nevermind RJ or VC.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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