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1.Houston- Yao Ming - We all know about this one

2. Chicago- Jay Williams - Although I am a little skeptical of Williams, I think he might fit in well with the atmosphere.

3. Golden State- DaJuan Wagner - Might be the most explosive player in the draft, and we all know Golden State could use that.

4. Memphis- Mike Dunleavy - Good shooters are welcome on any team, and good shooters that are 6'9" are practically begged for, he should fit perfectly in Memphis.

5. Denver – Caron Butler – Has extremely good moves and knows how to get the ball where it needs to go. He is extremely agile, very fast, and a great shooter from anywhere on the floor. He also can contribute on the defensive end.

6. Cleveland – Drew Gooden – The Cavaliers want Gooden badly, not only is he an outstanding rebounder, but he has very good post moves and can get almost anything to fall when he is feeling it.

7. New York- Nene Hilario - Maybe the strongest of the draft, Nene Hilario would provide the kind of inside power that teams want, and although New York has a lot of inside talent, Nene Hilario might be just what the Knicks are looking for.

8. LA clippers – Qyntel Woods – Could be the last piece the Clippers need to make them a force to be reckoned with, very quick and agile, he might be the most explosive player in the draft. If he develops well, his comparison to Tracy McGrady might not be all that far-fetched.

9. Phoenix- Chris Wilcox - Although his stock seems to be falling slightly, Chris Wilcox's explosiveness for a big man could mean trouble for opposing teams in the NBA, and New York needs that kind of guy.

10. Miami- Nickoloz Tskitishvili - With the succes of Dirk Nowitzki, teams will be looking for clones of the new europian steriotype bigman playing the little position, and Tskitishvili is definitly the closest to Dirk in this draft.

11. Washington- Marcus Haslip - The Wizards need some more inside power, and Marcus Haslip can give them it, and also has alot of potential to develop a more universal role for the Wizards.

12. L.A. Clippers- Jared Jeffries - I think the Clippers will go after a very solid front court in this draft, and with Elton Brand and Owolakandi, they might be able to trade away some of their talented new big men for some smaller prizes.

13. Milwaukee- Curtis Borchardt - Just the Kind of guy Milwaukee needs right now, and they would be happy to get him at this draft pick. Although I am skeptikle of Borchardts talent, he might still provide help inside rebounding, and provide some trade options.

14. Indiana- Kareem Rush - Probably fits better than any other player drafted so far, shoots well, rebounds well for his size, and can play defense tenaciously at times, would be a perfect replacement for Reggie Miller, and has the kind of leadership that could make a championship team.

15. Amare Stoudamire - A very tough competetor that could take some pressure of Vince Carter and help the Raptors bring a more balanced playing style. He can provide inside help defending the post as well.

16. Philadelphia- Jiri Welsh - Another Regie Miller prototype, but as it is, it seems he will most likely play PG. Although the Sixers have a very good backcourt right now with Iverson and Snow, they could always use the type of player that can play 1-2-3.

17. Charlotte- Melvin Ely - A leader that the Hornets need right now, to help keep things together in the inside, while Baron Davis takes over the backcourt.

18. Orlando- Frank Williams - The Magic are a team that need another scorer right now, and for Frank Willams, scoring is as natural as anything. Furthermore, Williams is a sick passer and when he gets the rythim going, he seems unstoppable.

19. Utah- Bostjon Nachbar - The Jazz need some young stars on an aging roster, and they must take advantage of their situation and use Malone as a mentor for their future stars.

20. Toronto- Roger Mason - A great defender and shooter, Roger Mason can provide more help for Vince Carter, and provide a solid backup for the injury prone star.

21. Portland- Jamal Samson - Scotty Pippen is on the decline and Jamal Samson might make a good replacement and provide more scoring capability for the sleeping giant.

22. Phoenix (from Boston)- Boris Diaw - Pheonix will be looking for this kind of player. He can be a monster inside, and a terror for opposing teams if he develops well.

23. Detroit- Rod Grizzard - would fit in well with Detroit, a nice defender and shot blocker, and might provide the much needed offense that Detroit lacked inside.

24. New Jersey- Sam Clancy - Very Simalar player to Kenyon Martin, the Nets might be able to go with a 2 PF kind of lineup when he develops, and would make a good backup in the mean time.

25. Denver (from Dallas)- Jason Jennings - Has the kind of quickness that makes stars in the NBA, might be able to make the transition to SF and give the Nuggets a slasher inside.

26. San Antonio- Chris Jeffries – When David Robinson retires, Tim Duncan will need help desperately in the front court. Chris Jeffries, though he doesn’t play in the front court, he has incredible slashing ability and should take a lot of pressure off Duncan in the inside. He also is a very good defender who can help Duncan stay out of foul trouble inside.

27. L.A. Lakers- Dan Gadzuric - The Kind of player that is difficult to matchup with for the oppositing. With great agility and quickness for a man of his size, he can provide the kind of help inside that the Lakers have been relying exclusively on Shaq for.

28. Sacramento- Carlos Boozer - Although he lacks on height a bit, Carlos Boozer has a tremendous Wingspan, and when trimmed to the right weight, will be able to get off the ground better, giving the Kings another backup to Webber and Divac, as Pollard has been struggling to keep up with both.

-- Coments welcome --
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