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We're getting closer and closer to draft day and players are making their last efforts to improve their stock, I've collceted some information from various scources on a few players whos stock have changed substantially.

Curtis Borchardt:

"Has shown improvements in every area of the game, still has a tendancy to mis-time rebounds"

"Has improved dramatically, rebounds and post moves still need work"

"Slipping on post play and rebounds are still lacking, has shown improvement in many other areas"

Qyntel Woods:

"Has shown flashes of brilliance, but still remains inconsistant, ball handling still needs to improve"

"Explosiveness is incredible, could be the most athletic player of the draft, still needs to work on passing and ball handeling"

Jared Jeffries:

"Has shown a wide array of improved post moves and has also made changes in his shooting touch for the better, still needs to bulk up a little."

"Has increased his shooting range substancially and has shown good signs in the post, must improve ball handling and muscle"

"Has shown improvements on quickness and shooting, still lacks in passing and size"

DaJuan Wagner:

"Shooting has been outstanding, ball handling has also improved dramatically, defense needs work"

"Lax on the defensive end, but makes up for it very well on offense, has extremely good agility and shooting touch.
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