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To be fair, we gotta give where credit is due. In all honesty, Robert Horry is a much better flopper, if not the best. He just doesn't get the credit because he was never an All-Star.

I still remember that flop against Bruce Bowen. Classic. In the words of Walton, " I thought Horry got shot by someone in the stand! Bowen was clearly a good three feet away..." Flopping when the defender is three feet away and still got the call, that's FLOPPING at its highest level.

Also worth mentioning is John Stockton. But everybody likes Stockton, and he's such a great player sometimes you overlook his flopping skill.

The All-time great is probably Dennis Rodman. He doesn't do it all the time but when he does, those flops are so inventive you have to believe he got hit! But Horry is not far behind, maybe even Rodman's equal. For sheer boldness and quantity though, Horry outdoes Rodman. You can cout on one good flop at least once a game from Floppy Horry.

In comparison, some of Valdes' flops are too obvious and he only does it against BIG MEN. Not Horry, who once got bumped by a guard 9 inches and 55 pounds lighter (Bobby Jackson) and fell to the scorer's table screaming.
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