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Stoudemire in suns rotation

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Since the Suns are rebuilding, do you think Stoudemire will start this year? Are only other starting PFs are googs and outlaw and googs is always injured and Outlaw is a better bench player because of the energy he brings. And if you want him to develop, you better let him play. I don't expect Stoudemire to produce that much this year, I just want to see this kid play at the NBA level and see how good he could really become. He should at least be able to block shots and rebound in his first year. And with Marbury's driving ability, get some dunks. What do you think?
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X, it depends on personel imo.
True, don't hurt his confidence.
Originally posted by HEATLUNATIC
They have Outlaw/Googs,but Im not sure that they are gonna resign Outlaw?
What do u mean? Is he not under contract?
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