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I told you that the Suns would pick Stoudemire.:yes: How much do you guys think he will improve the team next year?
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I disagree. Reportedly, after the Clippers took Wilcox, there was much rejoicing in the Suns war room, as they ended up with the guy they wanted all along: Amare Stoudamire. It was probably the worst-kept secret in the NBA, but the Suns were in love with him from the first workout they saw, and immediately set up smoke screens (Jefferies and Hilario) to keep teams picking ahead of them off of Amare. Unfortunately, it made this draft kind of dull (unless Woods had fallen to the Suns at 22; that would have been something...cursed again by the coin toss), but it's exciting to have players of Stoudamire's and Jacobsen's caliber on Phoenix without having to give up a lot.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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