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RUSH for Three says Owen
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I would like to know how other colleges schedules are like this up and coming season. Mduke such as Oklahoma. CHL such as Louisville. Just wondering. Here is the KU schedule. I think it is a very very tough schedule. And some of my points.

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First KU plays Holy Cross. Should be a good matchup, but I think KU will KILL them. Next game for the NIT is good. Can anyone please tell me who is in it? I know UNC, and KU could face them in the Semi's/ I think KU can pass UNC,a nd win the NIT.

CMS a joke

Oregon in Portland should be a very intersting matchup. A re-match from Elite 8. I think KU should be on top, but it will be tough. Coach always have players play in or near their home state. This year marks Miles and Lee return home.

At Tulsa should be a good matchup with KU on top

Home vs UCLA. Last time UCLA was in was 1995, and KU came back from a 25 point deficit at half. This should be a very very good matchup.

California in Berkley should be a good matchup. and a possible let down for Kansas, but I am very looking forward to it.

Home vs Wymoning should be a great matchup

Arizona vs KU that matchup I am very very looking forward too Possiblie # 1 and #2 teams. Looking forward to this great game.

Then you have the Big 12 schedule. At ISU, could be a let down, but KU on top. At the Hilton always give KU troubles. Neb and KSU not worry. Colorado tough at Boulder, easy at home. Texas at home. Anytying like last season game, will be a very good game. At baylro and at Tech should be games KU should win, but the Tech game is interesting. Home for Okie State should be good. At Oklahoma will be a very very tough matchup, but should be a great game. Missouri games are always too good to past up.

Really I think KU will have tough schedule, My preminary record will be 26-4 with lost's at Oregon, California, Oklahoma, and Missouri.
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