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I've been up most of the night listening to Krause on numerous radio stations and TV interviews. I've also listened to most player interviews and watched ESPN... just like most of you here.

Here is a summary of what I've heard and read (some of which conflicts with newspaper accounts, but since we got to hear the same press conferences live, I'm made my interpretation):

Jay Williams was the obvious choice, but for the second round, my impression is that Krause actually preferred someone else but that player or players were gone. He said that Roger Mason Jr. was the best athlete on the board. In another thread, a poster said that Krause said "he was sweating it out hoping that Mason Jr. would fall to #31." That is not correct. Krause's statement was made in reference to Hassell from last year's draft. For this year, Krause all but admitted that he didn't really want to draft a combination guard, but that Mason was the best guy on the board, so he took him and thought he would figure it out later.

Krause also said twice that Jamal Crawford would not be traded. Krause admitted that discussions had been held but that he was just listening. Cartwright made the point of praising JC and his shooting percentage. Krause said that in a late night discussion with JWill, Krause said "our backcourt is going to be the fastest in the league (with JWill and JC). Who's going to catch us?" So it's obvious that Krause is enamored with a backcourt with two combo guards, as he sees it. If Mason Jr. sticks, he can back up either along with Hassell.

Also, Krause made a special point of discussing Fizer and his role on this team. He singled Fizer out as a key to the future as well and actually apologized that he didn't make more mention of Fizer.

Moving along, Krause said he's been blown away by the maturation of both Chandler and Curry, but moreso with Chandler. It appears that on the day before the draft, Chandler worked in the morning and evening and then was "caught" watching some tape in the coaches room at the Berto Center at around 10:00 PM. Krause pointed out that it is this type of desire to improve and win that brings about success. He said that JC and JWill share similar traits and that the Bulls have a fine collection of young men who will push each other to succeed. Chandler also spent all of yesterday in the war room during the draft listening, learning and giving his opinion. He's as excited as anyone about JWill, AND he's a huge JC fan too.

Lastly, regarding Free Agency, Krause said that the Bulls would be very active and that the franchise was now a desireable location. Krause said that the franchise would try and spend both of its midlevel exceptions (one at $4MM and the other at $4.5MM). As a sideline, Krause said that Mike Dunleavy Jr. called him a few weeks back and said that he would enter the draft if Krause would pick him at #2 because he wanted to play for the Bulls. Krause said he talked to Jr. for two hours as he's known him since Mike was 10. But back to FA, Krause said that the Bulls have picked their targets and will be making phone calls on July 1, the first day of FA.

Not that many of us care, but the radio stations this morning and generally positive on the Bulls saying that they are going to be fun to watch. The regular fan seems pleased and I think that the UC is going back to virtually full this season.

I just don't see any major trades taking place this season. I think that a FA or two will be added to the team and that a Guyton or Baxter may not stick around.

But our core is most definitely in place and we now will have an opportunity to watch this team mesh together, grow and hopefully win big.

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Nice summary, RealFan!. Thanks.

Another piece of information about Roger Mason Jr is that Krause said he brought him in for one of those "cloak & dagger" secret workouts over the weekend. If he was just best available, maybe that workout wouldn't have happened. I agree, though, that Mason was probably not the first choice (or even one of the top 10!) for this selection.
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