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Summer League report ?'s

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I'll be attending the Summer games on Fri, Sun, and Mon and will have a lengthy report following each game.

What I'd like to know now is what I should be paying particularly close attention to.

Here's what I've come-up with so far:

- The two-point back-court of JWill and JCraw.
- The progress of the twin towers (saw both of them play in last years Rocky Mountian Review games and was moderately impressed. both showed great athleticism and ability to block shots, but not much else. seeing TyChandler air ball a 3-pointer by at least a foot was the low-light of the evening. And it was in warmups! :no: ).
- Hassell at the 2 vs Craw at the 2.
- seeing the starting unit run the break
- starting line-ups (JWill off the bench, or Craw at the 2??)
- ballhandling/shooting ability of Chandler
- intensity of Curry

And body language. I try to read into how the players interact with one another. Last year it was clear that Curry and Chandler had a close bond. This year, I'll be watching JWIll and JCraw's interactions closely.

Am I missing anything?
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- Watch to see how Roger Mason, Jr. runs the team at the point
- Pay attention to the rebounding and defense of the Towers
- See if J-Will and Crawford are penetrating
- Anything on Dali
- Watch Preston Shumpert closely; check his defense

I'm sure there is much more to look for, but these are a few......
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