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Hanley this morning:
''We're glad it's over with,'' said Skiles, whose 6-5 team will take a three-game winning streak into Tuesday's game against the Orlando Magic at the United Center. ''I suppose if you had asked me before [the trip], 'Would [you] take 3-3?' I was hoping for a little bit more out of the first leg of it. The Portland game [a 96-93 loss], we were one stop away from winning.

''I know a lot of people may still look at us as a struggling franchise, trying to piece together wins. But we had a pretty good year last year, and we think we're going to continue to win.''
The Bulls' chances of winning will only improve if Othella Harrington can continue the point production he had in the trip's last two games. Harrington scored nine points in 11 minutes in the Bulls' 106-99 upset victory Friday at San Antonio and added a season-high 16 points Saturday in a 94-89 win at Houston.

''I made the first couple shots, and it felt pretty good,'' Harrington said of his post play off the bench. ''I'm starting to get my rhythm back. I'm starting not to rush everything. I'm starting to see the flow a little bit better. Hopefully, it will continue.''

Harrington said he took advantage of the team's practices when the Bulls returned home after the first four games of the trip.

''I wasn't using my legs a lot,'' he said. "I was really struggling with quickness in my shot. I used the days we had off to really focus on that and get in better condition. It's paid off these last two games.''
So conditioning is everything. :biggrin:

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