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Apparently they missed the deadline for new uniforms this season, but went along with the would-be-matching new court anyway.

Might look alright, despite the egregious switch of purple to black (purple/orange connotes the sun much more than black/orange, to me). That's ignoring purple being the Suns main identity forever, which makes me uneasy seeing them go away from, especially in favor of a color (black) that stopped being hip many years ago. Don't love a wordmark at center-court as opposed to a logo, but the fact that it reads the same on both sides (ambigram) makes it kind of cool and an understandable choice.

That said, the combination of the court and these uniforms will look...odd.

Its going to look like they had a leak in their roof and for some reason had to play every home game at OSU's venue, last-minute-emergency-style.
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