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The Suns are reportedly looking to trade for Brian Grant. You all have probably heard this trade: Brian Grant to the Suns, Penny Hardaway Heat No. 10 pick to Blazers, and Damon Stoudamire Zach Randolph 21st Pick to Heat. All teams are interested but Pat Riley wants to sub. Bonzi for Damon. In order for this to work the Blazers would have to max. out Bonzi. Well, anyways this works for the Suns. They get a good low post presence and lose a cancer. They need to draft Dan Dickau and trade for a 2nd round pick and draft Lubos Barton...

--Starting Lineup--
C-Jake Tsakalidis 7-2 285 7.3ppg 5.6rpg 1.03bpg
PF-Brian Grant 6-9 254 9.3ppg 8rpg
SF-Shawn Marion 6-7 215 19.1ppg 9.9rpg 1.84spg 1.06bpg
SG-Joe Johnson 6-7 225 9.6ppg 4.1rpg 3.6apg
PG-Stephon Marbury 6-2 180 20.4ppg 3.2rpg 8.1apg

Bo Outlaw 6-8 210 4.7ppg 4.6rpg
Tom Gugliotta 6-10 240 6.5ppg 5rpg
John Wallace 6-9 225 5ppg 1.8rpg
Lubos Barton 6-8 223 14.9ppg 6.6rpg 1.9spg*College Stats
Dan Dickau 6-0 190 21ppg 4.7apg *College Stats
Alton Ford 6-9 275 3.1ppg 2rpg
Joseph Crispin 6-0 185 4.6ppg 1.6apg

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I am guessing that Alton Ford isn't the answer then. And I thought they wanted Nene? I would personally wait until the draft, and get a better PF.
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