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I remember when the the trailblazers drafted Sam Bowie because they needed a center and we drafted Jordan with the next pick.Well to this day the Blazers are still kicking themselves over that draft.So my question is,should we draft talent or a need.Of course we want both with our pick but this is why I'm saying this.I think Aldridge is a need and has talent ,while a guy like T2 is all talent but not really a need.I see what Tyrus can bring ,he's only a freshman and he has tremendous skill.He kind of reminds me of a young T-Mac.We don't need anymore small forwards with Deng and Noc already splitting time at that position.However If I was the Bulls I would take a serious look at this guy.Him and Big Baby hung Texas out to dry!! He had 21pts and about 13rebs!!! Aldridge to me would be nice but I see a super star waiting to happen in T2.What do you guys suggest?I'm not hating on Aldridge but T2's got that fire in his game,ask Aldridge and the LongHorns.I say we draft Tyrus if he's available,sign a key big man and draft the guard we need.Then next year if we want a super big man we can get um.Because next years draft will have all kinds of good centers in it and we of course get the Knicks no.1 next year.Maybe we can swing a good trade as well in the draft?
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