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Tamar Slay

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Hi all I'm new here and have a quetion for you all. How does Tamar Slay sound as one of our second round draft picks? He had first round written all over him his soph. year. I think he could be a Trenton Hassel like surprise. Both of whom have came from smal D1 schools. Just a thought.
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I go to Marshall University and have watched Tamar the past four years. I've had class with him, so I can tell you that he is a good person with his head on straight. Now Marshall is in the MAC, which is a mid-major conf., but a tough one at that. Look how far Kent went this year. Tamar hurt himself by coming back for his senior year, as Ronald Blachshear(a transfer from Temple) came on strong in the second half of the season. Tamar would be a great pick, as he can create matchup problems for other teams. At 6'9'' and a SG/SF, he reminds me alot of Scottie Pippen, he won't be that good but he has some of his qualities. He can handle the ball, pass the ball, defend the ball, slash to the basket and he is a deadly shooter when he is on.

I believe with the right situation, he can become a solid 10, 5, 5 player in the NBA. That's with the right situation, he is very talented and can contribute on a nightly basis. He just has to accept being a role player, coming in and doing whatever is needed. He was the main guy until Blackshear busted out and Tamar seemed to disappear a little. He just needs to keep focused and put in the hard work. Is he worth taking, my answer is yes.
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