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do you happen to have any old Bulls games on tape?

I'm talking about the dynasty years... I'm specifically looking for the game 6 clincher VS the sonics or "the shot" against celeveland in the 89 playoffs...

This is my collection:

91 Clincher
92 Clincher
93 Clincher

97 Clincher
98 Clincher

1991 "Spectacular Move" Game
1992 Jordan "shrugs" 3-pointer Game
1997 Jordan Flu Game

1987 Slam Dunk Contest
1988 Slam Dunk Contest

Jordan's first game back at the UC as a Wizard
Jordan's last game at the UC as a Wizard
2003 Allstar game (Jordan's last)

I also have the following which I am trying to get full recoridngs of:

Second half of the 96 clincher against the Sonics
Second half of the 63 point outburst by Jordan against Larry Bird and the Celtics

These are what I'm looking for:

-96 Clincher (full version)

-1989 "The Shot" against cleveland

-Jordan's double nickel game where he scored 55 points after his come back against the Knicks

-Jordan's first game from retirement against the Indiana Pacers

-Jordan scores 63 points against Larry Bird and the Celtics (full version)

-Any allstar game

If you have anything I'm looking for or know someone that may have one of the tapes I'm looking for please let me know...



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This is something that should really be handled through PM... (By that, I mean if anyone does have a tape that Hawk is looking for, it's probably best that they PM him instead of posting in this thread.)

I don't have any issues with trading game tapes, since I've done it my self... but keep in mind that someone still owns the rights to these things.

Hawk, give Ebay a try if you are willing to pay money for the game tapes. Just keep in mind that if you aren't buying tapes from the NBA themselves, it's not exactly on the up-and-up.

I know that the NBA just put out a DVD box set of the Bulls "yearbook" videos, and as bonus features they have included full games from each of the title series.

For what it's worth, I have a few radio highlights of the Bulls first round match up in the 1977 playoffs that you are welcome to.
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