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tim duncan-raef lafrentz
Ben wallace-pat garity
Paul Pierce-shawn marion
Tracy McGady-jason richardson
Andre Miller-troy hudson

i know this team would never happen, but if it did, would it go undefeated or at least beat the 72-10 bulls mark. i think this team has a good chance of being undefeated.

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I think a team like this would be better b/c PP and tMac and TD could not get enough shots around
C-Tim Duncan
PF-Ben Wallace
SF-Ron Artest

6th Williamson
7th White Chocolate
8th Miles
9th Q
10th Robert Horry
11th JYD
12th Jon Barry

This team has youth and would win an NBA championship. They have D and O and could get around enough shots to be effective. This will never happen but it would be interesting.

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Originally posted by kobe's forehead
PG:Jason kidd
SG:Tracy McGrady
SF:Dirk Nowitzki
PF:Tim Duncan

Dre Miller
Kobe Bryant
Kevin Garnett
Chris webber
Jermaine O'Neal
Vince Carter
Steve Francis

Now There Is An Undefeated Team!
That team would implode. Francis on the bench? He would pout. This team would be good, but I think they would have ego problems.

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Teams that always win championships are teams with good role players. The past 10 years all the champs had no more than 2 all stars on the team. Chicago had MJ and Scottie Lakers have Kobe and Shaq Rockets had Hakeem and Clyde for 1 year. Pistons had Isiah and Dumars, LAimbeer was a very tough player who knew his role and that was to get junk points. So even though a team with 12 all stars would be nice there would be way too much termoil. Remeber TMac wanted outta TO b/c Vince was the main man.
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