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<i>***Originally posted on another site***</i>

The NBA is a business. I don't care what JYD can do with the fans, I don't care if everyone loves him. I don't give a damn, if I'm the MLSE. If I'm the MLSE, if I'm Mark Cuban, if I'm Jerry Krause, anyone in the NBA, I WANT TO WIN. Well except Pete Babcock, Shinn and Wooldridge, and Donald Sterling, but that's minority.

Listen, I don't hate JYD. I like him for his hustle, his energy and his re-bounding is always a plus. But energy doesn't go on the stat sheet, neither does hustle. That said, Jerome has value because of those 3 attributes. But have we won with him? I mean, Donyell Marshall was THIRD in the league in FG%. He was the 2nd option for the Jazz last year behind Malone. Who was the 2nd option for us? Not JYD. Who has the 3rd highest field goal percentage in the league? Not JYD. Who had the better team? Not the Raptors.

What I'm saying is, do I like JYD? Yes. Would I trade him for Marshall? DEFINATELY.

JYD is a plus. But we can't hold on to him forever, and if we're holding on to him because he energizes the fans, then the Raptors don't belong in the NBA. You may cry when he leaves, but you won't cry when we win.
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