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<center>That's It

Distorted voice.
Resonant strokes.
Unconscious vibrations.
Continuity and modulation.
Everything is changedded into a second.
A second that lasts years.
Biological apex.
Emotions forged by an ilusionist.
Empty voice.
Force and improvisation.
Rain created in a thought.
To think, to turn freely in knowledge.
To dream.
But to dream.
I can be repetitive.
I admit.
I can become personal at some moment.
I can look confused.
I admit.
I can repeat a word or idea a million times.
I can.
I can fail to find ideas.
I can.
I can keep turning and look confusing.
That's it.

[Other Poems by JGKoblenz]</center>

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You definitely come up with some nifty poems, JG.

Once again, I enjoyed reading it. :)
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