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The 2004 mock draft at is crap

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go look at it, Arron Miles, Kieth Langford, and Wayne simien aren't even in it.
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That doesn't mean that whoever made the mock thinks they're not good enough. Some players actually stay four years.
I completely disagree RD

Look at Eddy Curry and Kwame Brown. Both of those guys were physically big enough to bang with NBA players. Neither one did much in their first years. Tyson Chandler is probably big enough as well. I would say that being a post player would be an easier transition from highschool to the pro's, because a lot of what you do is basically physical, play post defense and get rebounds. The scoring comes later as you get used to the speed of the game. But as a pointguard the game is all mental. If Telfair was to come out he'd have to go against guys like Payton, Kidd, and guys who've been in the league for years and know how to play. The speed of the game is so much faster than in highschool, and making quick decisions with the ball will be much harder. That's why all the players who've come out have been wing players or post players, and never a pointguard. Most pointguards who succeed go to college for at least two years. Name one who didn't.
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You do realize it's early

No one knows how the 2004 mock will end up. It will change many many times before we even seriously are thinking about that draft. Just because one team's players weren't included doesn't make it a bad mock, it means that it's not that important anyway and the guy just wanted to put it up to please some people asking about the big name guys and the foreigners.
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