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I just thought I would look up what caliber of players that's been drafted at this spot in the last 9 years-

2001- Jaamal Tinsley Nice
2000- Primoz Berzerc Incompleate?
1999- Jumaine Jones Not bad[/b]
1998- Vladimir Stepania Useless
1997- Jacque Vaughn Good backup
1996- Brian Evans :sour:
1995- Mario Bennett I'm sure Laker fans remember this waste of potential
1994- Brooks Thompson :dead:
1993- Malcom Mackey See above
1992- Byron Houston Decent role player

Looks like Kupchak will have to pull some miracles to get a starter out of this slot...

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27th pick

Tinsley and Jumaine Jones are definitely the best players in that group. It's not certain that the Lakers will keep that 27th pick though. Atleast, I hope that they don't.:D
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