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sorry to make something as petty as this an issue - but i don't know if i can become a faithful to this board without being able to put my own image of my precise choosing as my avitar. i just can't do it. it's confusing to see several users with the same image of curry dunking. i'm a visual person - i need to see unique avitars.

who's with me on this one?

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Originally posted by settinUpShop
okay i just posted in the suggestion forum - but it says that the mods aren't taking anymore threads so i don't know what's up.

does anybody know if you can put an image into your signature?
Your post was there. Ron answered you. Here it is. I hope this helps.

You have the option of uploading your own avatars...just go to your User CP (profile) and go to the bottom of the gives you the option of uploading a unique avatar.
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